The staff at the L.A Animal Shelter are committed to finding the best homes for our rescues by an informative application process. The application does not take long and can be done here on our website through the links below. Before you commit to an animal, we want to make sure that adoption is right for you!

We thank you for your consideration in adopting one of our deserving animals!

If you would like to visit and view our animals please contact us 

how to adopt?

The first step in adopting one of our deserving animals is filling out our adoption application through the links below. You may also stop by the shelter and fill an application out in person.

Please add as much detail as you feel necessary including the type of animal (cat or dog) and the animals' name if you are looking specifically!

Please note: We receive several applications for our deserving animals therefore there is no guarantee for any decisions, or that an animal will be ready to leave the shelter by the time the adopters visit. You will be contacted with further details once a decision has been made.

We would also like you to know that even if you are not a successful applicant for the animal of your choice, we encourage you to keep checking back and apply for another animal within our shelter!


Adoption fees

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tap on any animal to learn more about them



tap on any animal to learn more about them