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Do you have a barn, large shed, warehouse or garage? Could you use help with pest control? As part of our “No-Kill” principles at the LA Animal Shelter our working cat program may be a great fit for you. All you need to do is provide food, shelter and fresh water.

Here at Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter we take cats and kittens from all walks of life. Most are lucky and are great adoption candidates that we are able to find fantastic homes for. However there are cats who come through our doors who are feral or semi-feral. They are not adoptable as loving house cats and can't be released due to food insecurities and improper housing. These cats enter our working cat program. They are spayed/neutered and vetted so they will not contribute to overpopulation. These cats will never be cuddly, loving house pets but the working cats program gives these cats a chance to live life the best way they can with consistant food, shelter and water. With your hospitality we can find homes for all our cats who otherwise wouldn't have a chance at adoption.

Our working cat program is free of charge. In return you promise to provide a safe shelter with a steady supply of food and water so the cat can live its best life. Thanks to your support and generosity we can insure all our cats can be given a second chance at having a wonderful life.

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