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mamas last litter program

What is the Mamas Last Litter Program

Over the last decade the LA Animal Shelter has been operating our “Mama's Last Litter Program” as part of our ethical approach to reducing the number of homeless dogs and cats in our region.

Through our program, we have been committed to help reduce pet overpopulation, prevent unplanned litters, and ensure every animal has a home in our local and surrounding communities.

What is the Mamas Last Litter Program and how does it work?

 how does it work?

The LA Animal Shelter's “Mamas Last Litter Program” entails the surrender of an entire litter, and in return, we spay themama cat or dog at NO COST and then she is returned home when deemed fit for the kittens or puppies! We give each litter their proper vaccinations and adopt them out to their new families.

If you or someone you know has a pregnant mama and is looking for a helping hand, contact us and we will be happy to help!

  • Can anyone adopt a cat or dog?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.Yes, anyone can adopt a cat or dog, but we do have a screening process. Potential adopters are asked to complete an application form giving details of how they plan to care for their pet and providing us with references to help us make our decisions. We always try to match an animal with an appropriate home, which sometimes means you may not be approved for the particular animal that you want. Application forms can be found on out Adoption page
  • Why are some animals not ready for adoption when I see them at the shelter?
    If an animal is brought in by canine control, the owners have 3-5 days (time varies depending on which municipal unit you live in – see below under Canine Control By-laws) to claim their animal. After that the shelter is allowed to put the animal up for adoption
  • Is there a fee to adopt a dog or cat?
    Yes there is an adoption fee for all animals. Fees vary depending on the type and age of the animal. Adoption fees can be found on our adoptions page
  • Can I surrender my dog or cat to the shelter? Is there a fee for this?
    No! There is no fee for surrendering any animal but donations are always appreciated. There is a small amount of paperwork that is required when surrendering an animal to our shelter. To make the process easier, before coming to the shelter to surrender your animal, you may print off the appropriate paperwork and have it filled in before you arrive.
  • Why are some shelter dogs and cats in foster care homes?
    Dogs and cats that are not coping well with kennel life are fostered out, if possible. This would include very young dogs/cats, small dogs, older ones, and dogs/cats with specific health issues. Sometimes we foster out dogs with behaviour problems to help them to learn to behave in a home environment. We are always looking for more good, knowledgeable foster homes. Why not consider opening your home to a pet in need?
  • Does the LA Animal Shelter receive government funding or assistance?
    While the Municipality of Cumberland and some of the townships give some financial support, most of the money needed to run the shelter is collected through the fund raising efforts of a number of dedicated volunteers.
  • What if Canine Control picks up my dog or cat? Is there a cost associated?
    Yes, there is a pick up fee to be paid to the Municipality of Cumberland and Towns, as well as a daily kennel fee. Fees for pick up are determined by each municipal unit as referenced in the by-laws for each municipal unit. (See below under Canine Control By-laws). When an animal is brought to the Shelter, it will be dewormed and receive a flea treatment. It will be examined by Shelter staff and if it is determined that it requires medical attention, it will be transported to the Amherst Veterinary Clinic. Any fees associated with these treatments and any other costs incurred while the animal is in the care of the Shelter will be the sole responsibility of the owner and will be due at the time of pick up. The staff at the shelter will explain how much is owed for your particular animal. The Shelter reserves the right to request proof of ownership before releasing any animal from our care.
  • Why should I microchip my animal? Does micro-chipping hurt the animal in anyway?
    Micro-chipping offers pet owners the only truly permanent method of identifying your pet and linking the animal back to his/her owner. Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically implanted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades by a trained staff person.The process is no more painful to your pet than a vaccination.
  • Are animals euthanized at your shelter? If so, why?"
    The Shelter is a no-kill shelter which means that once an animal comes into our care, we will keep it until it finds a home. We will only euthanize an animal that is terminally ill or has dangerous behaviour problems.
  • If I myself die or a loved one and leave a donation to the SPCA does the L. A. Animal Shelter receive any of these donations?
    No, the LA Animal Shelter is not affiliated with the SPCA . We are an independent shelter, supported through our own fund raising effort.
  • What age should puppies be taken away from their mother?
    Puppies should be permitted to stay with their mother and siblings until they are at least 8 weeks of age. During this time, they will learn how to behave with other dogs and how to respect the authority of their mother, allowing them to be well adjusted dogs and making them much easier to train. Puppies removed from their mothers too early may become nervous, fearful and difficult to house train.
  • Who do I contact if I suspect an animal is suffering from neglect or abuse?
    While the shelter staff will always pass your call along to the appropriate person, it is best to call the Provincial SPCA. 1-888-703-7722. Your name will not be used in any investigation by the local SPCA agent. What are the Canine Control By-law’s for the Municipal Units in Cumberland County?


Do you have a question that isn’t answered here or you would like further explanation?  We would love to hear from you!
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