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Our Vision for a New Shelter

The new shelter facility has been carefully designed to serve the needs of our organization for decades to come. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, we have designed the building and grounds to provide a safe, clean and efficient space for our staff as well as the animals in our care. The footprint of the new building is about 4,000 square feet, with about 500 square feet of outdoor kennel space under the roof. This one storey building will be large enough to meet the needs of our shelter, without any excess that would increase the cost of the project.

This rendering shows some of the key features of our building design. The new shelter will feature a covered entrance for protection from the elements for animal intake, a small garage, and indoor/outdoor kennels for dogs.

Major improvements that will enhance the quality of life for the animals in our care and increase the efficiency of our operations:

  • Facilities to properly quarantine sick animals, which will prevent the spread of disease and reduce veterinary costs;

  • The facility will be accessible and safe for all volunteers and visitors;

  • Accessibility will be greatly improved, so we can welcome all volunteers and visitors to the shelter;

  • Hybrid indoor/outdoor living areas for the cats and dogs;

  • Space for families to better interact with animals before adoption, as well as dedicated rooms for intake, veterinary care, pregnant animals, laundry facilities, and grooming.

  • Kennels and stalls made with easy-to-clean materials, with proper drainage in each unit;

  • Improved ventilation to improve air quality and reduce the transmission of airborne disease;

  • Modest but necessary staff space for breaks, lunch and meetings;

  • A welcoming outdoor space on our existing property, which provides the community an opportunity to engage with our animals, volunteer, and spend time outdoors;

Community Engagement 

The new building and grounds will welcome volunteers, families, and children to interact with animals and learn about the important work of the animal shelter.


The grounds will be a gathering place for the community, allowing members of the community to walk the trails with the animals, and children can spend time outdoors on our beautiful grounds.


We envision a space where schools can organize class trips to our new shelter, providing kids with the opportunity to interact with animals and learn the responsibility of caring for others and volunteering in their community.   

Cost & Funding

The construction of the facility will be a testament to the generosity of our community. The cost of the project will be approximately $1.1 million. We need donations and capital commitments to complete this important project. We have very successfully operated the shelter independently for decades and the new facility will only decrease the shelter’s operating costs.

At the launch of this capital campaign, we are excited to report the following:
• The LA Animal Shelter has allocated $200,000 from previous fundraising efforts to be the seed money for this capital campaign.
• We are pursuing a number of grants and government programs.
• Our fundraising team is planning a number of large fundraising activities to engage the community and seek private donations.
• We have secured a number of in-kind commitments to assist with the cost of materials in the construction of the building.


Most importantly, we are seeking leadership donations from people like you to make our vision a reality.

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